Giancarlo Scheri, director of Canale 5 speaks of the Forum season just ended.

“On May 11, with 1,500,000 viewers and 18:26% share, Forum has proven, once again, to be the leader of its listening range. A fantastic season for the show hosted by Barbara Palombelli that, at the end of the season, won 120 days of 180, compared to the competition. The average of the show is of 1,500,000 viewers with a share of 17% (+ 22% over the previous year).
“Forum” is a proven formula and always winning, much appreciated by the younger female viewers (35-44) where it gets 25% of daily share.
Barbara Palombelli is a guarantee of professionalism, credibility and quality.
Forum, during the year, has dealt with important issues, such as racism, foster care and adoption of children, violence against women, homosexuality, bullying, work and many others, always with competence and simplicity, providing an important service to viewers.
Congratulations and thank you for the excellent work to Barbara and to all the magnificent Forum production team that this season will close on June 12, to return, as always, in September”.