Sangue Blu

“Sangue Blu” is a journey through the palaces of power, which over the centuries have been built by popes, princes and rulers who have made the history of Rome and of the whole world. To guide us among the secrets of the “great families that made Rome”, is the historian guide Anthony Majanlahti, a passionate academic guide who captures the viewer’s attention with a balanced mix of culture, popular information and time period gossip. The first series of “Sangue Blu”, will be dedicated to as many representative families of the Roman high nobility, among which the families of the Borghese, the Barberini, the Colonna, the Farnese, the Chigi, the Odescalchi, Boncompagni Ludovisi, Doria Pamphili … and many others.

Genre: Documentary
Channel: Work in progress
Host: Work in progress